Saturday, August 29, 2009

aigle developments

(All 22/08/09)

I was surprised to find a whole new narrow gauge station had sprung up at Aigle, replacing the former pick up area in the station square. There are now separate platforms for each of the three narrow gauge routes.

The AOMC has also now lost it's street running section in Aigle and trains now follow the SBB main line for about a mile before regaining the original track.

Most of the old route is still clear although part of the street running track has vanished under new tarmac. The rest still exists, but on the roadside section only the crossings still have track. In one or two spots the old line has almost disappeared.
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MaguireNews said...

Just stumbled upon this blog. Hope you keep up the blog. Thanks for all the previous posts. Swiss railways are one of my hobbies and have been to Switzerland several times using the railways of course.